Preparation of the document for printing

The prepress process in our printing house starts from checking the received documents whether they correspond to the printing process (PDF preflight) and in case of difficulties we inform the client about the omissions in the preparation.

In agreement with the client, we make a test print that is color-referenced to offset printing and we make a proofreading print that is content-referenced, in accordance with the ISO 12647 (FOGRA) standard. If there is a need, we also make a model of the product.

In order to make the prepress proces as easy as possible, we have prepared prepress instructions. In the instructions you can learn how to set up programs (Adobe CS, Corel, Word, Freehand) and how to create a document suitable for printing.

Download the prepress instructions here..

For all additional information and questions, feel free to contact the Graphic Design Department by e-mail: and we will be happy to help you.

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