Company history

More than half a century with you and your ideas

In 1969, Zvonko and Marija Kerš founded the Kerschoffset Printing House, continuing the family tradition dating back to 1930. The long tradition has thus become the foundation of the success of the Kerschoffset printing house. Constantly investing in printing technology as well as in human resources, the printing house today has more than 150 employees. The professional team of the Kerschoffset Printing House, headed by the director Daniel Kerš, is constantly improving and completing the company’s production process.

Mission and vision

Reliability makes us stronger. Speed ​​gives us an advantage over the competition, and quality sets us apart from others. The quality, price of the product and the capacity of the printing house are features that customers have recognized and that allow us to continue to develop and move along the path we have set. Final result is a high quality print that fills us with pride.


The organization of production is our lifeblood. It is the foundation of a system that we are constantly upgrading. By improving the organization, we improve our own business, because the quality allocation of time and resources results in print quality and high productivity.

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