Kerschoffset PRISTUP (ACCESS)


Kerschoffset PRISTUP (ACCESS) is an app that provides quick access to our offers and your orders!

If you want to get an offer as soon as possible or create a print order from an existing offer, use Kerschoffset PRISTUP (ACCESS) – a complete software solution for managing your offers and print orders. Within the app, a module has been developed that is intended for you as clients, and allows you to send inquiries for offers, ordering, upload printing materials, a complete overview of archived inquiries and orders, and easily create new inquiries or orders from existing ones.

Creating a user profile on PRISTUP (ACCESS):

Registration procedure

If you are not registered you can register in just a few steps. Click on the “Create an account” link, enter your e-mail, username and password and a confirmation link will be sent to your e-mail. Once you verify the link you can start using Pristup (Access) and create the first queries and orders …

From inquiry to finished material:

Upon a press request, it is forwarded via the application to our estimators who process it, and they send you a print offer via the e-mail you entered. Based on the parameters from the received offer on Pristup (Access), you create an order with new updated data from the current query, if necessary, add pdf prepress for printing and wait for the delivery of materials!

With the Kerschoffset PRISTUP (ACCESS) you can:

• Generate new queries from existing queries
• generate an order from an existing query
• generate a new order from existing orders
• update data in existing forms
• get a complete insight into the archive of created forms
• upload additional files such as prepress along the order


• it saves time – you can update existing forms with new data and create new queries or orders from them
• availability – you can always access the sent forms, send an inquiry or order and do not depend on the working hours of the printing house
• security – all the information you have entered in the forms has been received by the printing house

We have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to work with forms by being very easy to navigate in the application environment, and if you need additional clarifications, you also have online help and support from our employees.

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