Digital printing

If there is a need for small editions and urgent delivery times, we use the Kodak NexPress 2700 digital printing machine.

What may make this machine different from the ones we often see in Croatia is primarily the B3 print format, which provides additional opportunities in the synergy of offset and digital printing.

The Kodak NexPress 2700 is a five-color device with the ability to print from color, and if the need arises, it is possible to use varnish as a protective coating. Kodak NexPress 2700 has the ability to load coated papers up to 350g / m2, but also a variety of uncoated, structured or recycled papers, as well as some other special papers that are standardly used in offset printing.

The new machine allows us to fulfill a wide range of printing tasks, so we have expanded our offer to both classic digital prints and various personalized stationeries suitable for mailing.

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