Successful collaborations

lthough we have only been cooperating for about a year, we are extremely pleased with the cooperation. Very friendly employees and the implementation assistance provided by these same employees during the implementation of projects are to be commended. The quality of the print, technical support and speed of delivery of the ordered materials is at a high level.

Fabijanko Vrtlar, Special Projects, HANZA MEDIA d.o.o., PJ SLOBODNA DALMACIJA
Ante Tomaš, Production, HANZA MEDIA d.o.o., PJ SLOBODNA DALMACIJA

Our cooperation has been going on for years to the mutual satisfaction … high quality printing from the sheets, speed of reaction and especially technical support during the realization of our projects are the basis of our cooperation. The Kerschoffset team can always provide professional advice, technical support or suggestions on how best to carry out a given project. Speed ​​and quality are additional reasons why we decided to print in this printing house. Also, the successful implementation of projects, despite very short deadlines, and timely delivery of ordered materials are a pledge to our future cooperation.


The collaboration with Kerschoffset started several years ago and every year our collaboration grew so that we got to know each other better. They are extremely persistent, communicative, fast and of high quality, so working with them is a real pleasure. The special value of cooperation is given by their expertise, quality and speed of realization, which allows us to expand the range of joint products.

Aleksandra Slabinac, Altavia Hrvatska d.o.o.

Wonderful, dedicated, professional people and exceptional quality – this is the easiest way to describe the collaboration with Kerschoffset. Professionals you can always turn to for advice and you know how the final product will turn out exactly as you agreed and will be delivered within the agreed deadlines.

Adriana Piteša, editor, Profil knjiga d.o.o.

Kerschoffset printing house is, in terms of technical/organizational part (communication, delivery time …), really the most reliable supplier.

Each ordered, printed material came exactly as we envisioned it with top quality. If there was an accidental error in the machine during printing, and we noticed it during delivery, the error would be corrected as soon as possible – which has happened only a few times in the last 10 years of cooperation.

Marija Krasnić, Procurement & Event Specialist, BAYER d.o.o.
Larry Tomac, CRM & Marketing support, BAYER d.o.o.

For almost 10 years we have been printing our books and all the accompanying materials at the Kerschoffset printing house. There are many reasons for our loyalty to this truly special business partner – quality service, calculations of offers within 24 hours, speed of delivery, compliance with deadlines, professionalism and kindness of staff, excellent value for money. In our collaboration, we went through ups and downs together, months and years that were extremely difficult for business as well as periods when it was sunny. We went through both periods together in mutual support and understanding. We highly appreciate such collaborators and partners.

Marina Kralj Vidačak, director, Planetopija d.o.o.

Kerschoffset is a printing house that performs the agreed tasks quickly, accurately and on time … we have been cooperating with them for years and we have only positive experiences. In our industry, deadlines are often short and full of unforeseen situations, and we have never had a problem with delivery. That says enough about our collaboration. The optimal price ratio for the ordered products, the speed of delivery and the quality of the finished textbooks are the reasons that our cooperation will continue in the future.

Ivo Elezović, director, Element d.o.o.

Praise, praise 🙂

I must emphasize that we did not encounter any problems with complicated and complex materials (especially POS products) with our associates from Kerschoffset. The materials were orderly delivered, on time and of top quality. If additional consultations or advice were needed regarding the technical aspect of the material, we received all the necessary information for the successful implementation of the project. Our cooperation continues and we look forward to future projects.

Iva Peretić, Contract Manager/Buyer – Commerce, HEINEKEN HRVATSKA d.o.o.

Long-term collaboration with the Kerschoffset printing house has resulted in a multitude of interesting projects. I always like to emphasize that the printing house nurtures a partnership with our company, which results in technical support for complex projects and very orderly execution of obligations. The quality of printing is unquestionable, and when you add fast delivery times and reasonable prices, you have a partner in the printing industry, which is extremely important for our company.

Tomislav Fiolić, General Affairs Director, Generali Osiguranje d.d.

The collaboration with Kerschoffset has been going on for several years. Deliveries of our materials are in accordance with professional trade standards, fast and within the agreed deadlines. The print quality is up to par, definitely associates to recommend.

Miran Krištof, Purchasing Director, DZS ZALOŽNIŠTVO IN TRGOVINA D.D.

I have been cooperating with the Kerschoffset printing house for more than 10 years in a row and on various jobs, from large projects for Profil Klett to smaller but demanding ones, such as ones for the Museum of Lika Gospić.

Whatever the case is, Kerschofset approaches work equally professionally and responsibly.

From the first contact and inquiry to the delivery, you can be certain that our colleagues at Kerschoffset care and will make sure that everything is exactly as agreed, of high quality and on time.

My impression is that a top quality of the product is theirprimary goal, so you can trust that the work will be agreed in detail, the preparation carefully reviewed, and that the print will beperformed exquisitelyand on the quality materials. Also,you can be sure that the finishing,regardless of its complexity, will bealways carefully and neatly done.

I would recommend (and I did 😊) the Kerschoffset printing house always and without any hesitation.

Ivana Pavičić, Head of the Graphic Design Department, PROFIL KLETT d.o.o.

The quality of the nautical magazine Burza Nautike depends on the team of professionals who create it, and Kercshoffset is a valuable member of our team. Print quality, delivery speed and flexibility when needed are just some of their qualities. When our readers, advertisers and contributors ask who prints forus, we are pleased to saythe Kerschoffset printing house.

Jelena Cvitanić Herak – director/owner – Lantina d.o.o.

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