Expanding the company’s capacity by investing in equipment

Horizon AFC – 746F

The “twins” also came to the part of our machine park – two new combined machines for bending sheets Horizon AFC – 746F. With the new, fully automated top model, the AFC-746F Horizon sets completely new benchmarks in automation and performance points for B1 format combined sheet bending machines.

With Touch & Work technology, Horizon is making a real small revolution in the handling of finishing machines. Adjustment is quick and easy, which increases flexibility and economy. The adjustment is done completely on the 10.4-inch color touch screen. After digital input of the bending type and output format, the whole machine adjusts itself within a few seconds. It is also characterized by extreme precision – automatic adjustments are made quickly and accurately, so something manual would not be possible at all. The machine provides automatic adjustment and correction for the loader, splitter head, bag stoppers, crossbars for arches, side stops and input rulers, and automatic calculation and adjustment of bending rollers with 1/1000 mm accuracy, including the possibility of oblique adjustment.
21 standard types of bending, of which 10 with cross bending is fixedly pre-programmed which speeds up and simplifies work, the machine also allows memorization of 200 orders and response within a few seconds.

KBA Rapida 106-8 SW4 SPC

The Rapida 106 is the latest hit in the offset printing market. Prints maximum 720×1050 formats on both sides at 15,000 ar/h and single-sided at 18,000 ar/h. It is equipped with the most modern ErgoTronic ColorControl color monitoring system – QualiTronic ColorControl where two cameras inside the machine and a system on the machine control panel with an already proven team of Kerschoffset operators guarantee the best color monitoring according to FOGRA standard or customer’s wish. We store your work in our database in the machine and if you decide to repeat the work you get an identical product whenever you want. The FAPC automatic plate exchange system, where the machine changes plates at the same time and washes offset tires, reduces the preparation time between jobs to the time it takes the machine to make coffee.


The KBA 105 PRO is the latest generation printing machine coming out of the KBA factory in 2017. The new generation of KBA machines offers us a large number of improvements that significantly increase the printing speed, the quality of fingerprint measurement and speed up the preparatory work between the two jobs. Print speed, increased to an impressive 17,000 prints/hour, varnishing, included automatic formatting of the machine according to paper size, weight and complexity, infinite investment – exposure (without reducing the printing speed), perfectly efficient ErgoTronic color control measurement and tracking system whose cameras measure each individual print, correct them during printing, “remember” jobs to prepare and do them even faster next time), makes this machine the pinnacle of printing engineering in its class. These performances now allow us an effective print speed that is up to 40% higher than our competition.

Cron UV CTcP with 5-drawer Autoloader and 3-way Punch bridge

A new line for the production of Cron UV CTcP offset plates with a 5-drawer Autoloader and a 3-way Punch bridge, connected in line with the Egraf developer is also in operation.
With a very simple and efficient installation and calibration of plates on all machines according to the FOGRA standard, Cron’s CTP line is a big step forward in the capacity and quality of preparation of offset plates for 5-color B1 KBA, 8-color B1 KBA and 4-color B3 RYOBI within our printing park. The lighting capacity of up to 40 B1 panels/hour is more than enough to serve the production needs, which can be further increased with the current SCREEN thermal CTP.


The new wire staple line, the PRESTO II model from the renowned Swiss manufacturer Muller Martini, has replaced the previous HOHNER TYP HSB 8000 staple line, which is proudly retiring. We hope that the new successor will improve production and surpass its predecessor with its improved performance as it is the market leader in the mid-range range editions. It stands out in fast preparations between jobs with a high level of automation and speeds up to 9000 pcs/hour.
The insertion of the sheets takes place via six automated stations and two for manual loading, which ultimately allows the creation of a large range of products. Among the additional advantages of the pancer PRESTO II, we single out the simple control via the touch control panel with job memory options that greatly speed up the preparation time and reduce production waste.

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