Business Calendars

You’d love to print your own calendar, but you just don’t have the time for it? Choose one of our ready-made business calendar solutions and brand only the header.

A 12 sheet three-part calendar

A 12 sheets three-part calendar is a business calendar that, with its price and quality, is most often the first choice of every client. The calendar on each sheet offers an overview of 3 months – previous, current and next. Spirally bound and printed in two-color printing technique with two date display options, this calendar is the right choice for all of you who are more inclined to more casual solutions.

3 block three-part calendar

If you like dynamics and enjoy tearing leaves, you will be delighted by our three-part calendar with three blocks of calendars. The calendar offers a simultaneous quarterly review with each glued block presenting all 12 months. Printed in two-color printing technique with two date indicator options and glued binding, this calendar allows you to tear sheets all year round 🙂

Four-part calendar

It’s the beginning of January, and you’re already in March? For all of you whose work requires systematic planning, we offer a business four-part calendar. It consists of two spirally bound blocks, each block being represented by an overview for two consecutive months. Double spiral binding, high-quality two-color calendar printing and two date display options are the right choice for all those who prefer simultaneous viewing 4 months!
Calendar sheets are printed on quality paper in the two-color printing technique. The indicators come in two options, depending on your choice – sliding on a plastic base or electrostatic.
Headers are printed on 350g/m High point paper in the four-color printing technique. The format of the branded header on three-part calendars of 12 sheets and 3 blocks is 297×210 mm. In the 12-page calendar, the header is bound in a spiral, and in the 3 block three-part calendar by gluing. The format of the branded header on the four-part calendar is 330x230mm.

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