Packaging Festival FEST.A CROPACK 2016

The best packaging in the category “Technical performance” for the product “Vichy sample box for brand action” for L’Oreal Adria.

The design is signed by Studio Grozić from Samobor. The uniqueness of this box lies in its complexity because it consists of 13 stamped parts that together form a functional whole. It is printed in the four-color printing technique and protected on the outside with matte plastic. The sample insert is also printed in four colors and finished by stamping and folding.

The box contains High Point 350g/m2 paper, which is in line with today’s environmental standards – TCF (completely chlorine-free) and is completely made under the watchful eye of our employees … so the award could not be missed.

The award was taken over by our controlling director Damjanka Žarković.

Source: Studio Grozić

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