Communication Arts Design Annual Award for the exhibition catalog of the Sisak Ironworks

The project in cooperation with Sensus Design Factory and State archive in Sisak – catalog of the exhibition ‘Sisak Ironworks – from iron ore to steel pipes’, after the STA100 award of The Society of Typographic Arts Chicago last fall, received another valuable international design award – this time the annual Design Annual 2021 of Communication Arts magazine.

Of the 3,570 projects submitted from around the world, an international ten-member jury awarded only 130 projects, making this edition the most exclusive review of world graphic design, with less than 4% of the works selected.

Communication Arts magazine (Menlo Park, California) with its six annual editions (each of which is dedicated to one topic – design, typography, advertising, photography, illustration and interactive design) and high circulation, is one of the world’s top publications for visual communications and his award is one of the most esteemed recognitions in design circles, highly respected by the profession, clients and design theorists.

We are glad that we contributed to this valuable award and with our print quality emphasized the excellent graphic solutions of our partners.

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