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Every successful business story is the result of teamwork. Kerschoffset printing house success, specialized in offset printing, is based on the dedicated work of its employees.

We recognize that our employees are the best guarantee of quality, and therefore insist on professionalism, high expertise and continuous training of staff to ensure the best service. Printing house has over 150 professionals from different fields who, through years of experience and professional activities in the field of offset printing, participate in the creation of our business story. Therefore, we are able to superbly and quickly export all kinds of projects, regardless of complexity, and offer complete solutions for all your needs.

We pay special attention to the training of employees in order to monitor and successfully implement new technologies in offset printing, thereby ensuring quality and competitiveness. We do not make any difference between large and small customers, all of them are equally important and worth paying special attention.

Find out why all our customers are coming back and how we deserved their trust!

Our employees are our top priority

Danijel Kerš, Director

Zvonko Kerš, Procurator

Mario Gotovac, Executive Director

Damir Herendić, Assistand Director

Borislav Jurković, Director of manufacturing

Damjanka Žarković, Procurement Director

Darko Hozjak, Procurement

Dubravko Šopar, KAM

Nataša Gulin, Sales

Darko Krampač, Sales

Iva Kareš, Sales

Slavko Mladinović, Department of Technology/Calculations

Ana Sesar, Invoicing

Zlatko Škara, Prepress Manager

Davor Bašić, Prepress Manager

Dubravko Kučkovečki, Expedite Manager

Azra Džanko, Finishing Manager

Mirjana Kautero, Accounting Manager

Martina Tanković, Accounting

Print technology

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