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Kerschoffset is for many years one of the quality leaders when it comes to offset printing of books, catalogs, brochures and other printing products.

Our continuous investments, primarily in human resources and the most modern machinery, equipment and technology of printing, has proven to be the best recipe for success.

Our manufacturing process includes prepress, offset printing, cardboard production and finishing process.

In all areas we offer the best service as evidenced by numerous clients and partners. Kerschoffset is nowadays recognized as a superior offset print supplier, printing on multicolor offset machines, offering UV coating and VD prints (as an effect or protection) resulting with excellently printed books, brochures and leaflets in Zagreb.

Due to our superior experts in the team, modern equipment, years of experience and well-established process of printing, we are able to guarantee not only the quality, but also match the short  delivery deadlines for all materials. Offset printing is our specialty, so thanks to our new printing house, we will be able to provide even better print and faster print finishing process.

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Leaflets, posters, letterheads and business cards printing

Printing leaflets, posters, letterheads or business cards printing services are usually required in each printing house. But, when we discuss promoting and presenting your company or your specific services, we can produce all types of printed promotional materials. We offer printing of various printing products in a variety of formats and sizes. For each letterhead, business card, poster printing, flyers or any other material please contact us with confidence because we guarantee fast and reliable service at reasonable prices.

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Catalog, brochure or leaflet printing

Catalog, brochure or leaflet printing with ordinary stapled binding or stapled binding with omega Staple are only part of our vast offer regarding various printed products. We also offer bent brochures, booklets, road maps and all other promotional materials. Kerschoffset will provide you the best and fastest production of all types of  folded print products.

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Publication, magazine and book printing

If you want to gain professional image of your publication, weather a magazine or book, printing quality is a must. We offer the best quality printing of magazines, books, textbooks, monographs and other publications in several versions. You can choose to print publications with soft warm binding or PUR adhesive binding, sewing soft or hardcover book printing. Whichever variant you choose, you can be sure that we can guarantee a superior print outcome, the best service and expert assistance for all your questions.

Datebooks, calendars, envelopes and notebooks production

We also offer superb datebooks, calendars, envelopes and blocks production, with or without spiral binding. You will get top quality fast, regardless of desired quantity. Contact us and if you need to print folders, NCR blocks with background, boxes, wobblers, promotional bags or other office supplies for your business. If you are looking for the best partner for printing and personalization of materials with your company logo or printed office equipment, well we are here for you.

Stickers and scrapers printing

Stickers and scrapers are becoming increasingly popular printed products. To ensure that our diverse offer can meet all contemporary market demands, we have expanded our range of printing procedures and print materials that do not fall into the classic print materials. Our printing house can offer the best sticker and label printing, in regular and irregular forms, scrapers and lottery tickets or similar materials print. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the feasibility of your ideas. We are here for you.

Print technology

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