B3 Kodak NexPress 2700 digital printing machine

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Since the beginning of this year, we have in full operational use our new Kodak NexPress 2700 digital printing machine. Superior performance and high-quality digital printing make this machine very suitable for solving the most demanding construction projects intended for digital printing.

As a special advantage over competing machines for digital printing, it is worth to mention B3 format printing which provides additional opportunities when we talk on synergie of offset and digital printing. Kodak NexPress 2700 is 5-color device with superior print results and option for an additional coating. Kodak NexPress 2700 has the ability to print on paper up to 350g/m2 classic, but also on variety of uncoated, structured or recycled papers, as well as on some other special papers that are normally used in offset printing.
The new machine allows us to meet a wide range of printing tasks so we can offer extended production of classical digital prints and also a variety of personalized stationeries suitable for mailing.


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