Successful Cooperation Examples

Istria Tourist Board

Promotional materials such as flyers, brochures, various catalogs, guides and other printed materials are a very important segment of the tourism promotion. Materials must be superbly printed on the highest quality paper. To achieve the best  promoting results with top quality printed materials, Istria Tourist Board, for a number of years,  entrust us for all offset printing. Promo materials are printed in editions ranging from 2000  to 100 000 copies with the final refinement, and the most common are soft and staple binding.


Valamar, the leading Croatian hotelier entrusted us all their print materials. As a part of the cooperation we also print materials for their business presentation and communication, such as business cards, letterheads and block goods. We regularly print brochures, flyers and catalogs with soft and staple binding and use special procedure to print tags and luxury lists. Depending on Valamar needs we are printing products from small to large runs, and thanks to the quality and performance of the final product and meeting deadlines, client  constantly entrusts us with new business.

Imago Advertising Agency

For many years Kerschoffset and Imago are successfully working together in order to produce all kinds of promotional materials. Scope of printing tasks include posters, flyers, pendant, table tents, stickers, coasters, wobblers and much more. Very often, in order to achieve additional promotional effect, printed products are additionally improved by coating, stamping and manual processing. Superb and effective printed advertising material is a foundation of any successful promotion.


Pliva is the leading pharmaceutical company in the region. Their daily need for printed materials is realized in our offset printing. The reason for this cooperation is our service and quality we constantly deliver. For Pliva we also print all kinds of brochures, folders, spiral imported blocks, table tents, NCR pads and other printed products on regular basis. We also cooperate in their publishing activity by printing their professional journals "Medicus" and "Allergies".

Croatian Telecom

Croatian Telecom needs for printed products are great. That's why they chose our printing press for printing flyers, posters, wobblers, stickers and a large number of brochures for their various products and applications. To provide superior quality printed material Croatian Telecom has selected Kerschoffset because we can provide uncompromising quality end product and the ability to complete the process of printing and finishing can be done in one place. Thanks to the flexibility of our manufacturing process for Croatian Telecom we print run of a few hundred copies to hundreds of thousands of copies within the set deadlines.

Print technology

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