Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

 1. What should contain printing request?

Valid query should contain the following information:

  • Name of the client
  • Product name
  • Circulation
  • Dimensions (product dimensions)
  • Scope (number of pages or sheets)
  • Type and weight of paper
  • Printing (print mode - the number of colors)
  • Finishing (kind of finishing that make up the product)
  • Type of packaging (in boxes or cartons)

2. Where can I download instructions for the prepress?

Instructions can be downloaded here.

3. What is the "Kerschoffset access"?

"Kerschoffset access" is a complete software solution to manage printing house. There is also a module designed for clients which allows ordering, sending a  bid requests and uploading material to be printed.

4. How can I make an inquiry via the "Kerschoffset access"?

You need to be registered in the client base and have an access code. For simpler and faster work, inquiries are completed through predefined templates by type of product.

5. What is the difference between digital and offset printing?

In addition to technological differences, important difference is different purpose of these two techniques. Digital printing is intended for the production of small runs (up to 200 pieces) and personalized print run while the offset is designed for larger production runs. Today's digital print quality is almost alike offset press and there are no major differences.

6. Can I ask for only 5 brochure run?

Of course, you can ask even for a brochure with a circulation of just one copy.

7. In which graphical format and to which address should I send my document?

Preparation should be in PDF format made according to instructions. Preparation is to be sent accompanied with order to our commercialist, uploaded via the "Kerschoffset access" or directly to our Prepress Department:

8. Which department do I call when I want to ask a question?

As a rule, all communication should take place through the Sales Department, although some technical issues are solved with the Departments of Technology and Prepress.

9. Who can tell me which paper for printing is best to use?

There are various kinds of paper with different properties and their advantages and disadvantages. It is generally believed that the coated paper (matte or glossy) proves to offer the best quality playback coloration.

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